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Morning after pill

ellaOne® is an oral emergency contraceptive pill It is also known as the morning after pill or the pill.

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Condom split? Missed pill? Caught in the moment? Whatever the reason, realising that you’ve had unprotected sex and could be at risk of pregnancy is never a fun moment.  Don’t worry, that is where the morning after pill comes in. Don’t feel alone – plenty of people have been in this situation before, like the women from ellaOne®’s MyMorningAfter community.

To reduce the risk of unplanned pregnancy, it is wise to seek emergency contraception as soon as possible. One of the options is to take the morning after pill. Any emergency contraceptive is more effective the sooner you use it.

What is ellaOne®?

ellaOne® is an oral emergency contraceptive pill. It is also known as the morning after pill or just The Pill.

ellaOne is 2.5 times more effective that other morning after pills on the market when taken in the fist 24 hours after unprotected sex.

It works by delaying ovulation, to help prevent pregnancy before it begins, and won’t affect your future fertility

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