Wartner Wart & Verruca Cyro Freeze 14ml


Wartner Wart & Verruca Cyro Freeze 14ml


Fast, Easy & Effective
Based on The Doctor’s Freezing Method
Direct Application with Carbon Freeze Technology

Wartner Cyro Freeze is based on the same freezing technology used by the doctor. It offers an effective and fast removal of warts and verrucas by freezing it in a direct & precise way, causing the wart or verruca to disappear within 10 to 14 days usually after one application by which time healthy new skin will have formed underneath. No self treatment is more effective & rapid. If a wart, verruca or part of it should remain two weeks after treatment, you may safely treat it a 2nd or 3rd time. If you want to remove a wart/verruca that is bigger than 7.5mm, please see your doctor.

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